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    • Are you planning a clinical research project?
    • Do you need Submissions to be print?
    • Do you need Case Report Forms for your research?
    • Do you need supplements and additional NCR sets for an ongoing research study?
    • Do you need a Trial Master File index?
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Medicprint provides services for the pharmaceutical community, specializing in the production of: CRFs (Case Report Forms), Diaries, Investigator brochures, Additional sets like Screening, AE, SAE, CM and TMF index, Submission documents for the local ethics committee.
Printing clinical report forms and producing CRF binders demand unique printing skills while paying meticulous attention to even the most minor details so that the forms will meet the exact requirements of the research protocol.
The Medicprint staff specializes in this professional field and provides solutions of the highest quality.
Whether you are organizing a preliminary short-term research project or a phase one clinical trial, we offer you high quality professional printing solutions that will be suitable for the duration of the research project and beyond it. We will be there for you from the beginning of the process – as you write the research protocol, to guarantee the best printing solution for your research and we will ascertain your level of satisfaction even after the project has finished.

Our clients include Start-up companies that are still at the initial stages as well as experienced international companies who receive meticulous professional service of the highest quality.

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The Staff at Medicprint

Who Are We?

Medicprint was established in order to provide professional printing service in the field of clinical research at every stage of the experimentation – from brochures and research forms to data collection files (CRF).

Our main and foremost focus is on producing CRFs (Case Report Forms).  The knowledge and experience that we have gained in this field enable us to help you produce data collection files of the highest quality that meet the requirements of the research protocol at the highest standards.

We accompany different businesses whether it’s a start-up company that not yet have produced CRF as well as  large established companies that need to upgrade the quality of their products.

We do all this with patience, flexibility and professionalism that you will not come across anywhere else.

Why should you choose Medicprint?


    • we care about our clients and give them the best service available.
    • we provide high-class products that can be used for the entire period of the research study.
    • we use the very best raw materials.
    • we provide a unique product tailored precisely to your needs for maximum satisfaction.
    • we can produce any quantity on demand: from a single production to more than 500 copies.
    • we are flexible and respond quickly to any change needed.
    • we are efficient and punctual.
    • we provide storage facilities for long-term projects for start-up companies.

NEW!! We can prepare a trial sample of your folder before the final production.

To set an appointment or place an order, please contact us.

Always at your service,

The Staff at Medicprint

Accompanying and Producing Case Report Forms (CRF) for Clinical Research​

Performing clinical research is a complex and costly process. When a company, particularly a new company, reaches this long-awaited stage it is confronted by an exciting yet challenging mission. When so much time and money are in the balance, the research staff must manage processes that demand the most precise co-ordination and performance to ensure the success of the project. Collection and documentation of the data from the clinical trials is a critical stage and the need to save the data and extract information from them is of the utmost importance.

This is where we come into the picture and release you from the worry of all the work connected to the Case report forms (CRF) and their storage.

The Staff at Medicprint is there for you from the initial stage of planning and writing the research, producing a high quality durable research file that will enable you to document the information in the most appropriate and convenient way for your particular research study.
The questionnaires are printed on thick quality NCR (chemical) paper using a unique technique that guarantees convenient use for the duration of the research.
The questionnaires are separated by dividers made of very stiff cardboard that will prevent wear and tear and are presented in an elegant bound folder with your company’s logo on the covers, front, side and back.
Each folder is individually hermetically sealed to maintain the freshness of the paper.

We provide storage for startup companies and transportation for medical centers.

Printing and Finishing

At our disposal is a variety of technological printing solutions – offset printing and digital printing on an Indigo machine, black and white or color photographs, color prints and scans.
All our work has a high quality finish.

Grafic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of the printing process. Whether you are looking for folders and brochures for advertising exhibitions, inserts for medication, test tube stickers, office paper or preparing data collection files, we are here to provide the appropriate graphic designs. Share your needs with us and together we can reach the desired results.

Our Clients are Pharma Start-Up Companies, Large International Companies and CRO Companies.

Are you also one of our clients?

Instructions for producing a CRF

If you are intending to produce a research data file, please take note of the following instructions:

  • Documents should be send in PDF
  • The size of paper : A4
  • Margins as to be set on: 10mm. on the right; 30mm. on the left and 10 mm. at the top and bottom
  • Make sure when you export or save from word to PDF that the destination properties are to A4 size and not letter size which is the default.
  • If you are encounter any problem –  we are here to help you.
Do you want a quote? Please tell us:
  • The number of binders required
  • The number of internal pages – sets of NCR paper
  • The number of the front instruction pages
  • The number of dividers
We will provide a quote after introducing our products

Getting Acquainted with the World of Printing:
A fascinating overview of Printing Methods from traditional to nanotechnologies

The Lecture  is  intended  for:

    • Professionals in the field of printing, R&D and print workers
    • Buyers  in  large organizations
    • Students of Graphics and Graphic Artists
    • Team building groups
    • General audience

The lecture is fascinating and presented in a light, enjoyable manner The advantages and disadvantages of the following printing methods are discussed: Letter Press, offset, silk printing, inkjet, Gravure, tampon, xerography, Nanography. Finishing equipment…..

The lecture also includes an introduction to the production of paper; an introduction to the use of colors and ink in printing; bookbinding techniques; preparation of metal plates for printing and paper enhancement, Like Embossing, Hot foil and more. The duration of the lecture is 4-4½ hours for attendees with basic printing knowledge. The lecture can be given in several sessions. The lectures can also be customized to suit your particular needs. During the lecture there will be a power point presentation, demonstrations of different types of paper, paper enhancement, printed items, boards and engraving. Tours of printing workshops can also be arranged.

About The Lecturer

Yoram Oshri – a qualified printer and hi-tech specialist;  worked in offset and letter press abroad and in Israel on a large variety of machines.
Mr. Oshri is the manager and owner of Medicprint and has initiated many projects.
He lectured at in-house seminars for Creo-Kodak and served as a discussion leader at workshops for trainee groups. He presents, customizes and tailors workshops according to your demands and needs, placing special emphasis on knowledge enrichment by the end of the workshop.

To arrange an lecture or set an appointment Please contact us.

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